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Rolls Royce 2020 Phantom Review And Specs

Rolls Royce 2020 Phantom

Although automobile manufacturers will from time to time bleat on about their history and how long a certain version call has been on sale, we can’t think of any that are pretty so long-lasting because of the Rolls Royce 2020 Phantom. While the famous British marque is not going to boast approximately this fact – such bragging is arguably a way too vulgar – we’re pretty glad to factor out that the call first seemed in 1925.

Yes, there have been a couple of activities wherein the name disappear for a decade or so. But it’s been an organization fixture inside the variety since 2003. Now on best its 8th generation, the Phantom stays the pinnacle of the Rolls-Royce variety and, arguably. The new vehicle marketplace as a whole.

Rolls Royce 2020 Phantom Review

Rolls-Royce 2020 Phantom Design

The new Rolls Royce 2020 Phantom may be very lots an evolution of the previous automobile’s shape. It carries the same high bluff nose, round balloon front wings, long bonnet, flowing flanks, that underpin all Phantoms in one way or another.

But look closer, and you will see that the brand new one is now smoother and slightly softer in common shape. The grille mildly rakes back, and the whole person is a bit much less formal and upright, more laid back. Rolls-Royce definitely is aware of its purchaser base

Rolls Royce 2020 Phantom may be customized to a few extents – there is genuinely no such aspect as a fashionable version. There are so many first-rate details, which includes the starlight headliner, wherein its LEDs can twinkle, or concentrate light for map reading.


Prodigious strength is furnished by a 563-hp twin-rapid V-12 paired customized light-velocity automatic and rear-, wheel drive. Acceleration is brisk, but Rolls-Royce’s claimed 5.1-2nd zero-to-60-mph time isn’t always something you’d recognize your chauffer seeking to replicate; the Phantom is higher perfect for wafting alongside smooth, regular inputs to throttle and steering. To say that the ride is smooth could be an understatement: The Phantom nearly levitates over the street; it capabilities a pothole-recognizing camera that enables the suspension to adapt to road imperfections in actual time.


  • Sedan: $452,750
  • Extended Wheelbase: $494,925

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