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Porsche GT2 RS 2018 Review And Features

Porsche GT2 RS 2018

With a sky the shade of a depressed elephant and Portugal’s climate forecasters pointing at maps protected in raindrops. It’s fair to say that the omens aren’t suitable for experiencing a 700hp rear-driven Porsche GT2 RS 2018 for the first time. And especially now not one carrying a GT2 badge.

Since its first use in 1993, the GT2 badge has grown to be related to those of Porsche’s Motorsport-engineered road vehicles which put more emphasis on energy than chassis finesse, cars that use turbocharged engines to deliver brutal performance. The 996-generation, the first made in tremendous numbers, turned into wayward sufficient to earn itself a “widowmaker” moniker; the 997 GT2 and its RS spin-off have been partly tamed, however, both had to be handled with severe recognize at the limit.

Porsche GT2 RS 2018 Review


As some distance as the motor goes, it’s greater of an upgraded Turbo S. It uses the Turbo’s 3.8-liter engine, no longer the GT3 RS’s 4.0-litre. So it doesn’t rev to 8,800rpm. Instead, 7,200rpm is your lot. Bigger turbos account for a maximum of the more 118bhp over the 572bhp Turbo S. Despite the fact that there’s additionally a water-spray device to settle down inlet temperatures.

I’ve never driven a turbo engine that makes greater actual engine noise than this, or sounds better, or is more different to the motor it’s based on. The exhaust valves are proper at the cease of the pipes, little actuator arms opening, and last the flaps. Cor.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The stats: 690bhp (a nice round metric 700PS), 553lb ft to be had from handiest 2,500rpm. All fed to the rear wheels alone through a heftily strengthen seven-velocity PDK transmission. No guide this time, but for once I’m now not complaining. I keep in mind the panicky rush of seeking to decide clutch, throttle, and traction inside the decrease gears of the antique 612bhp 997 GT2 RS. Sweaty.

What We Think

GT2 RS is a top car, one that sits on the top of the Porsche range in phrases of each its fee and its degree of performance. If you need the fastest and the most viscerally exciting version then this is absolutely it, the final incarnation of a roadgoing 911 to date. This is a sports activities car that could humble most exotics on a song and an exquisite success for the crew that advanced it. The handiest reality on past enjoy is that. At some point within the not-too-remote future, Porsche will create something even faster.

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