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New Suzuki Swift Sport Review And Features

New Suzuki Swift Sport

It’s the new Suzuki Swift Sport. And it’s a very essential vehicle. If you like fun, quick stuff it’s as noteworthy as a BMW M3 or Porsche 911 as being not handiest a benchmark in its class however a barometer of in which the performance car world is at.

Well, where the Fiesta ST looks pretty much equal to a cheaper (and slower) ST-Line model, the sportiest Suzuki Swift comes with a big gaping grille, some fake carbon fiber trims, 17-inch alloy wheels and two large exhausts that you don’t get on the standard model.

It’s a similar story inside – there are lots of contrasting red trims on the dashboard and middle console and you get a flat-bottomed guidance wheel, just like a race automobile. Unfortunately, even as the Suzuki Swift Sport would possibly appearance cool inside. Cheap-feeling scratchy plastics suggest it feels a bit nasty.

New Suzuki Swift Sport


There’s additionally a show measuring the passage of time and a pair of circular bar graphs revealing the portions of strength and torque you might recklessly be deploying at any particular instant. Given that both are uncalibrated, they’re in large part pointless. Mainly as you don’t want any units to gauge the electricity of effort you’re summoning from its 1.four rapid motor.

As you may have guessed by using now. This is our first flavor of what the new Swift Sport might be like when it arrives on our shores in spring 2018. Most notably, this new Swift Sport has a downsized engine as compared with the spritely outgoing version. With that car’s certainly aspirated 1.6-liter unit replaced with the turbocharged 1.four Boosterjet engine used inside the Vitara S. The variations on paper may most effective be a 4bhp strength increase, but it’s on the torque front wherein the Swift Sport benefits from a top torque of 162lb feet over the preceding gen’s puny 110lb ft.


This vehicle simply owns the ‘Champion Yellow’ color it’s painted in. Which sincerely brings the most out of the black highlights at the bumpers and through the window-line.

Touches just like the included rear door handle, little roof-spoiler sticking out the back. The Swift’s signature convex windscreen upload a sure polish to the little automobile’s design. Top models of competitors simply don’t have everywhere near the presence of the Sport.

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