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New Audi A1 2019 Review And Features

New Audi A1 2019

The least expensive route into New Audi A1 2019 possession. From £18,540. Nobody spends that. 95 percent of A1 purchasers update from SE to either Sport or S line models. This is the second era A1, following eight years after the first. Like that vehicle, it makes a fruitful showing of camouflaging the reality it depends on the equivalent toolbox as the VW Polo and Seat Ibiza: various extents, additionally donning position, a longing to stick out.

This shouldn’t imply that you need to fork out for a range-beating vehicle to get your New Audi A1 2019 Sportback with a decent inside. Each vehicle gets a double screen infotainment framework and a decent number of elegant inclination plastics spotted about the spot to cause it to feel more upmarket than most little hatchbacks.

New Audi A1 2019 Review


Audi’s badging arrangement bears no relationship to motor size and, to demonstrate the point, the range commences with a 25 TFSI, which is really a 94bhp 1.0-liter petroleum. We haven’t attempted this yet, however, we have attempted the 30 TFSI adaptation with 114bhp and its presentation is more than satisfactory. It pulls well from around 2000rpm and, on the off chance that you let the fires up work to 6000rpm before switching gear, 0-60mph takes 9.1sec.

In the event that you need more jab, however – enough to coordinate the Mini Cooper 1.5 or Ibiza 1.5 TSI – you should take a gander at the 35 TFSI. This 148bhp 1.5-liter gets into its walk much prior, at around 1500rpm, so in addition to the fact that it is quicker altogether, it’s more adaptable than the 30 TFSI. A 197bhp 2.0-liter (40 TFSI) is additionally accessible; we’ll let you recognize what that resembles once we’ve had a go.


A smooth, controlled ride is something of a curiosity in the little vehicle class. Luckily, the A1 offers only that — as long as you pick the correct trim level. Around town, the SE and Sport trims, which come fitted with 16in haggles suspension, manage scarred urban streets quite well; even the nastiest knocks don’t unsettle its otherwise calm disposition. It’s an entirely more settled understanding than you’ll suffer in the Mini 5dr, which seldom quits shaking.

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