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Maserati Levante Sport Review And Features

maserati levante sport

Lamborghini is the latest, and probably least likely, Italian amazing-carmaker to leap into the SUV fray, but Maserati beat it by some years. The 2020 Maserati Levante Sport SUV marks the model’s third yr of production for an emblem known greater for its huge GT (grand touring) machines including the Quattroporte.

Maserati Levante Sport Review


That’s a 350bhp version of the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 petrol that already noticed service within the Levante with 430bhp. That engine continues, badged Levante S, whilst the final piece of the three-robust UK model variety is the Levante D. For Diesel, obvs. Again a 3.0-liter twin-faster, this time with 275bhp. It’s the place to begin for Maserati SUV ownership, costing £58,315, whilst the flagship S weighs in at £72,525.

Now Maserati has refreshed the Levante, introducing a new era and greater aesthetic flair. This time we also have a petrol V6 engine at our disposal. Something denied to UK buyers until the ultimate year. Time to discover whether this left-field contender can claim its spot within the limelight.

One of the problems Maserati is struggling with is that capacity owners assume the Levante is simply too cheap – they count on to pay more. Nice problem to have. However, that asks some potentially troubling questions of the brand. Either it has it’s logo positioning incorrect, it’s model variety wrong or it’s targeting the wrong people and wishes to appeal to a wider audience.


The Levante blends individual Italian fashion with energy and excellent handling; it is greater of a high-riding sports activities car than an SUV. But a closer look famous some cost-cutting measures, specifically in the car. Fuel economy is likewise disappointing, even for this generally less-than-efficient class. But these are not reasons enough to overlook the distinct pedigree of this SUV. The Levante’s exclusivity, panache, and sturdy performance continue to split it from the crowd.

For some, the idea of a Maserati SUV is sacrilege, but as Porsche has demonstrated. It may be a pleasing little earner to help bankroll more interesting cars. For others, it’ll be an intriguing opportunity for the medical German norm.

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