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Mercedes C63 AMG Review And Features

C63 AMG Review

In the arena of high-performance cars, the Mercedes-AMG C63 Review is one in every of the best on sale in any class. The AMG badge is synonymous with devastating straight-line pace. Mercedes has underlined this by doing away with the same old version and now only presenting the greater powerful S version in its line-up. Sitting above the AMG C43 4MATIC. It offers rear-wheel-power handling in an effort to place a smile on any driver’s face, that applies whether or not you are piloting the saloon, estate, coupe, or even the convertible as they’re all powered through the equal muscular engine.

Mercedes C63 AMG Review


Enter the Mercedes-AMG C63, powered by means of a hand-finished, relatively effective twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 petrol engine. Sound better? If that also doesn’t appear to be enough, this musclebound system even gives you a desire for power outputs. The usual C63 ‘makes do’ with 469bhp, even as the greater high-priced C63 S can unharness as much as 503bhp and a pinnacle velocity of as much as 180mph.

And that’s the end of a technical iceberg. For the revised 2018 own family of C63s, there are two headlines: a new gearbox and a LOT of modes.

Modes for the differential – which is now electronically actuated in each the C63 and C63 S – modes for the suspension, the engine, gearbox, exhaust, traction, and stability control… even the standard-healthy digital dashboard has 3 different show choices.


Prices for the C63 S start from around £77,000 for the saloon. At the same time as the property is around £1,000 extra. The coupe is £2,000 extra than the saloon and the cabriolet is around £4,000 extra than the coupe. On top of this, Mercedes gives C63 S Premium Plus versions, that have enhanced equipment levels. Inclusive of a panoramic electric powered sunroof, a Burmester sound system, and a 360-diploma parking camera.

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